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About Global OTT Solutions

Global OTT Solutions has spent the last several years successfully building and testing the most reliable film streaming network infrastructure possible. It is also the only platform capable of being inherited and customized by any company seeking immediate global distribution of their content on a network that they independently own and control.

All of our OTT systems are up and running and globally proven utilizing our proprietary business model and library of over nine thousand original films, shorts and animation you can’t find anywhere else. We accomplish this by offering free content streaming to our customers through our consumer brand The Digital Ticket. We test and operate this site utilizing Global OTT's streaming technology and networks with actual customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This methodology removes all doubt regarding the real world capability and reliability of our systems and platform.

Our platform comes with an impressive due diligence checklist and has been market proven in every territory on earth. We are currently seamlessly streaming content anywhere that has access to the Internet including 256 countries and territories and in some of the most remote places on earth. Our platform's reach is so broad, even companies such as Netflix currently have no distribution in many of our streaming territories.

With Global OTT Solutions, content aggregators, content providers and traditional networks can now instantly become a globally integrated studio and control their own distribution during this important multi-trillion dollar shift in global content consumption.

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